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Stand Up Paddle Boarding - SUP

When you explore the coastline of North Cyprus on a stand up paddle board you will see why it is the hidden gem of the Mediterranean. 


You will explore this beautiful coastline and will enjoy a perfect SUP for an hour or more depending on your capability and weather conditions.


You can explore the stunning coastline as the sun rises, or as the sun sets before night; and then as the moonlight shines down and the stars shine above you will then understand the beauty of nature in the tranquillity of what almost feels like no one else is around.

Stop for a snorkel or a cold refreshing drink on route or create your own trip for a group with a BBQ at the end, embrace Stand Up Paddle Boarding and get out of it what you wish.

From novice to experienced, young or old, this is something for all to enjoy!


Clear Waters

Stand Up Paddle Board Lesson - £25 Adult / £20 Child

After a short lesson on shore about the equipment, the safety rules, and the correct way to position yourself on the board, you will learn and practice SUP on the water with our instructor.


The duration of the lesson is 30 minutes (with an instructor) and then you have 30 minutes to paddle by yourselves.


After this lesson, you will be able to paddle and maneuver the board safely by yourself. 


After spending a few hours on the SUP board, you could then join our Sunset Tour. We meet 1 hour before the sunset and paddle 1 km away from the shore to watch the spectacular view of the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea!

Stand Up Paddle Board 1 Hour Hire - £20 Adult / £15 Child

If you are an experienced paddle boarder or after you have had the Stand Up Paddle board lesson you can rent a SUP board and paddle safely by yourself.

Stand Up Paddle Board Safari - £40 per person

Call 0533 881 8993  for more information or to book. 

Please don't ask for a discount as it is embarrassing for both us when we say no.

Sadly are now asking for a 50% deposit for all SUP activities, this is due to the unprecedented number of people not turning up during the 2022 season.

Everyone can do it and no experience is required! You just need to stand up on board and paddle... the best you can!

The SUP Safari is a great way to see the rugged coatline of North Cyprus!

The duration of the activity is 2 hours and includes lunch, the approximate distance is 3 km, you do need to be able to swim and the minimum age is 11 years old.

Stand Up Paddle Board Sunset Tour - £40 per person

About an hour before sunset we set off, heading out about 1km.  We will sit and chill on the boards, listening to some tunes and watch the sun slip into the Med - an awesome experience. The tour lasts 2 hrs, it can sometimes involve a challenging paddle (often in windy and choppy conditions).  

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