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There are two main types of sea-turtles nesting along the coasts of Northern Cyprus: these are Loggerhead (Caretta Caretta) and Green Turtles (Chelonia Mydas).

Both are listed as endangered species and under strict protection. Since 1992, Marine Turtle Research group, in conjunction with the Society for the Protection of Turtles in Northern Cyprus and the Department for Environmental Protection, has been undertaking an annual survey, recording the turtle’s activity during the summer months.

In the company of volunteers, you can share this unique event. About 50 days after the turtles have laid their eggs the small hatchlings begin to emerge from the surface of their sandy nests.

This is a fantastic experience that takes place in some forty nesting beaches around Northern Cyprus.


All are welcome to participate in this event as well to witness up to a hundred of these amazing little creatures, not more than 6-7 cm long, fight their way from the nest down to the sea, it truly is an unforgettable sight.


The best times to observe the hatching is the end of July, August and beginning of September.

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